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Hutker Hauling prides itself on being timely and quick with all our waste disposal services. With courteous and trustworthy customer relations, you know you can count on us. With over 7 years of experience in the business, our projects speak for themselves. We take great pride in our work and our reviews reflect this.

What started out as a side project became a full time business because we enjoyed the flexibility it gave us to raise our four kids. The team consists of myself, the owner Tim, and my wife Tracee. We work well together and it shows when we coordinate on any type of project. Whether the projects consist of foreclosure clean outs or general junkyard waste, we understand that no two jobs are alike and can conquer anything we set our minds to. We have yet to encounter a job that we cannot do.

Our business partners with Habitat for Humanity, delivering furniture for the Habitat Restore. Hutker Hauling takes pride in giving back to the community and the environment. From removing furniture and waste left by a previous tenant to clean outs for larger estates and small sheds, we are prepared to accommodate to your specific needs. Let us help safely demolish and remove what isn't needed in your building. Contact us at (321) 890-7804 today for more information!

Trash Removal

In our everyday lives we can rely on standard garbage removal services to get rid of our garbage. However there are many instances where this won’t be enough. When you have a mess too big for standard garbage services, you should look into hiring a business like Hutker Hauling for your trash removal needs. Everyone in our company is licensed and insured to guarantee that the trash is safely removed from your property.

Tenant Clean Outs

We can take care of all the old furniture, boxes filled with items you no longer use, and more that has accumulated in an estate. With our junk removal service, we assure you that all the clutter and junk that had been accumulated throughout a foreclosed home or estate will quickly disappear. Trust in us to provide the efficient junk disposal you can rely on.

Junk Removal

From an environmental standpoint, it is good to have someone who knows what can be salvaged and what absolutely needs to go to the landfill. Having a bunch of junk lying around can be an eyesore and a safety hazard. Failure to get garbage hauled away can cause problems like bacteria and mold growth. Whether it's a dumpster rental you need or heavy-duty hauling for eviction clean outs, Hutker Hauling is here to help in the Melbourne, FL area!

Boat Removal Service

Your lifestyle doesn't always end up supporting the boat you purchased when you thought you would spend every day on the lake. If your old boat is rusting, hosting pests, or otherwise proven past its prime, then Hutker Hauling will remove it from your property.

Car Removal

Cars and small vehicles don't last forever. When yours has been replaced or has just outlived its usefulness, Hutker Hauling in Melbourne, FL will come by and take it away. We promptly respond to calls and remove your junk vehicles with no trouble for you. While we're there, let us know if there is anything else we can help with!

Car Transport Service

When you need your car taken from one place to another, Hutker Hauling can help. When your car can't move itself, we can load it up and bring it where you need it to go, whether that's the mechanic or another home.

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